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  The Conscious Parent, written by the Child Project's founder, Philip Golabuk, is an eight-week, self-study curriculum in Adobe PDF format that presents both the principles and practical methods of conscious parenting. Each week covers an essential aspect of meeting and engaging our children with empathy, respect, and consideration of their needs at the various developmental stages. This beautiful, 125-page course is designed to help parents apply enlightened principles and practices in their interactions with their children. Use of these methods encourages spontaneity and self-expression, creativity, closeness, and a greater sense of well-being and ease for both parent and child.

The Conscious Parent provides invaluable instruction for the parent committed to bringing the power of stillness, self-awareness, and empathy to his or her role as parent. Followed consistently, the principles and practices covered in this inspired curriculumhave the power to transform how parents and children see and feel about each other and themselves, and to bring a new level of closeness and well-being to parents and children of all ages..

The Conscious Parent:

  • provides an understanding of the magical world of young children and how parents can communicate with them in a way they can understand
  • reviews how living in the living present is essential to conscious parenting, along with common hindrances and methods for practice
  • discusses the central role of empathy, kindness, respect, and truthfulness along with practical steps for practicing these with your child\
  • examines the vital importance of setting good boundaries, including what makes boundaries good and how to respond when your child fails to respect a boundary
The Child Project | From the Introduction   "Childhood is a time of innocence, receptivity, and trust the likes of which many of us never experience again to the same degree in adult life. While many parents seek to teach through instruction and enforcement, as you will see here, they miss the golden opportunity to teach by example through the unconditional practices of respect and empathy. We may be preoccupied with guiding, with helping, with protecting, even with saving and 'fixing' our little ones—and in all of this, we miss a profound truth: that conscious parenting, which is to say brilliant, inspired, enlightened parenting, depends far more on the willingness to be acted upon by our children than to act upon them. Our children depend upon us to be as open, attentive, gentle, innocent of motive, tenderhearted, and alive to the living present as they are. It is a main theme of this study that conscious parenting involves doing less, so that the child's intimate relation to life is left to follow its natural evolution and timing, without interference and without the introduction of contradictions that even the most well meaning parents may inflict simply because they no longer remember what it is like to be a child and to live in a child's world, and because they themselves often have inherited the same sorts of contradictions that, unilaterally imposed by parental authority, intrude upon a child's spirit and hinder its natural course. It is clear at the outset, then, that becoming a conscious parent means becoming a conscious person, and taking on the self-work that frees us from contradiction and returns us to that state that Plato called the "well-ordered soul."
The Child Project | Syllabus   Introduction

Week 1
When the World Was Wonderful
The Magic of Things
Suspending Judgments
and Conclusions
Releasing Outcomes
Being Present

Week 2
Living in the Livng Present
Living in the Living Present
The Six Elements
of Present-Awareness
Common Hindrances to
Practicing Present-Awareness

Week 3
Empathy: The Art
of Friendly Parenting
The Star of Empathy
Common Parental Errors
The Guiding Star

Week 4
Respect: Leading by Following
Practicing Respect

Week 5
Practicing Kindness

Week 6
Telling the Truth
Truthfulness and the
Tender Years: Empathy
Truthfulness and the
Teen Years: Respect
Truthfulness and
Adult Children: Letting Go
Common Hindrances
to Truthfulness
Practicing Truthfulness

Week 7
Letting Go
Letting Go
What is Letting Go?
Common Hindrances to Letting Go
Practical Methods for Letting Go

Week 8
Boundaries & Bonsai
Boundaries & Bonsai
Requirements and Prohibitions
Good Boundaries
If Your Child Fails to Respect
a Boundary

In Closing

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The Conscious Parent The Conscious Parent

The Conscious Parent

The Conscious Parent The Conscious Parent

The Conscious Parent The Conscious Parent

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