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  The Child Project was founded in September of 2012 to provide a philosophical study and support forum dedicated to improving the quality of life for children through the philosophical education of those entrusted with their care. We do this by offering instruction, counseling, and coaching in "conscious parenting." an approach rooted in unconditional respect for children and the willingness of their parents to address and resolve whatever contradictions they themselves may be carrying. Without this self-work, we've seen too many times how even intelligent, deeply caring, and relatively enlightened parents fall into habitual reactions detrimental to their children's self-confidence, native playfulness and joy in being alive, and sense of the world as a friendly place. It is inevitable then, that the conscious parenting is inseparable from conscious living.

Self-work is joyful work. Resolving long-held contradictions frees us to feel more alive, more connected with others and the world, more in tune with ourselves and our sense of purpose. Our very presence then is an encouragement and an example. Having become more available to life, we also are more available to the living present and to those who matter to us most.

Children trust us to be as innocent and receptive as they are. By working on and resolving our contradictions, we can keep from passing those contradictions along, for whatever self-work we leave undone, our children are bound to inherit.

Children are perhaps the most mistreated minority in the world. From thoughtless verbal abuse to the unthinkable "collateral damage" and "acceptable losses" of military campaigns, children have no defense but our willingness to improve ourselves humanly. There is much darkness to curse in this regard. The Child Project is the candle that we choose to light instead. It is our hope, our passion, and our aim to do all we can to help parents everywhere to do the same.

The Child Project | Our Founder and Director
  The Child Project Founder and Director Philip GolabukCathey Polly was certified in 1974 as a Montessori Directress, launching a career that would focus on education and the cultivation of each student's talents and gifts. After earning bachelor's and master's degrees in education, she joined the faculty at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. Cathey has an extensive background of spiritual practice rooted in Unitarian Universalist principles, and has also studied Zen Buddhism. She completed the Field Project Course in the spring of 1998, and has attended numerous Practica and workshops since. Consistently acknowledged by her fellow students for the compassion and clarity she embodies, Cathey has completed the Field Project Facilitator Training and Coach Training Certification programs, and in 2012, became the Field Project's first Certified Instructor. In 2013, she became director of the Child Project.

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  The following discloses our policies with respect to site use, refund requests, privacy, and more. Note that your use of the Child Project site implies your acceptance of these policies.

Terms of Use
In interacting with The Child Project, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use, which prohibit using site resources including our contact form or email addresses to send spam or solicit business in any form, attempt to establish social networking, or communicate about matters not directly related to The Child Project and its work.

Cancellations and Refunds
Refunds for scheduled Phone Sessions and LiveStudy are issued upon request no later than two business days prior to the scheduled session, after which a cancelled session is not eligible for refund. Digital items are not refundable.

Session Scheduling
Those who register for a Phone Session or LiveStudy must complete scheduling within three business days or we will refund payment for the session in full, as it is not our policy to hold funds for an indeterminate period.

Right of Refusal
We reserve the right to refuse services or support to any person as we may deem necessary to ensure the integrity of our programs and ongoing relationships.

Special Offers and Voucher Codes
During the year we may make special offers available to our email subscriber list through voucher codes. These voucher codes must be used at the time of checkout and cannot be applied retroactively or after the stated expiration date, nor can a special offer's expiration date be extended.

Intellectual Property and Support
The content on this web site is the exclusive intellectual property of The Child Project and protected by U.S. and international copyright law, and cannot legally be copied, shared, or otherwise distributed by any third party. To be eligible for support, clients and students must provide The Child Project with their name and email address. Those who distribute The Child Project's proprietary content in any form may lose support and eligibility for future enrollments at our sole discretion.

Your Privacy
We do not nor will we ever share, sell, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information you may provide as a result of interacting with the site. There are no lists from which you need to "opt out," no collection of device identifiers, analytics, or any other such data, anonymous or otherwise. We recognize that you provide us with this information as an act of trust, and respect your right to privacy as we would want ours respected. In light of disclosures of the domestic surveillance activities of the National Security Agency of the United States, we cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of phone conversations or email beyond our own strict, internal standards. Clients should be aware of this when reserving a session.

Visitor Data
We use any personal information you provide solely for processing internal communication and shopping cart purchases. We also may use this information in the normal conduct of The Child Project business, e.g., to send you notification of special offers and updates relevant to transactions initiated by you. Financial data (e.g., credit card numbers) are not collected or stored on our site.

Cookies and IP Addresses
Our site does not use cookies to collect or track information about you or your computer. We may capture IP addresses in cases where flagrant violations of our policies make it necessary to block said addresses.

Changes to the Site
Changes may appear on this site at any time without notice including those affecting offerings, fees and pricing, and scheduling, as well as these Policies.

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